Re-purposed tailgate bench



Knives By Simon, Handmade knives with antler handles, re-purposed steel , post

Starry Night Beadworks, Jewelry recycled watch parts and beads, post

Sweetwater Beachglass, Jewelry Lake Superior rock and beach glass, post

Joel Sartore Gallery, Endangered Species photography prints, post

Clean Energy

MPOWERD, solar charged lantern, LED light, lightweight, deflates for packing, post

Clean Water

The Ocean Clean Up, solar powered system to remove & recycle ocean plastic, post

DNR Department of Natural Resources, volunteer Adopt-A-River program, post

Home Decor

Nest PURE, Organic fabric accessories under $50, post


B Corp, search companies certified for positive social and environmental impact, post

Bridging, Homegoods donated, distributed to those transitioning from homelessness, post

Second Harvest, Ending hunger and food waste, post

Urban Farming & Gardening

Egg|Plant Supply, Urban farm, garden and chicken supplies, post

Fresh Eggs Daily, Blog, books, supplies for natural poultry, post

Seed Savers Exchange, Non-profit heirloom seeds and plants, post

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2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. This page is a great idea. You just reminded me that I often run across things worth sharing in this way. I like the possibility of putting links in categories and think this my be more effective than just a list of unsorted links at the bottom of my sidebar.

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