Trash Sculptures ~ From Every Angle

In past years, the Department of Natural Resources Adopt-A-River program has commissioned a local artist to create a sculpture  of found objects gathered from cleanup of the waterways of Minnesota.  Over 97,000 volunteers have cleaned up over 6.4 million lbs. of trash from our rivers since 1994.

DSC_0638.JPGside_LRThe artist never knows what materials the volunteers will find for use that year. In the photo above, the “Scuttled” ship by artist Andrew Vomhof,  has a sail made of plastic water bottles and rigging made of assorted balls and flip-flop sandals.

DSC_0640.JPGcrowsnest_LR600Up in the crow’s nest, the crow uses binoculars from glass bottles.  His pirate flag worn away long ago by tough weather elements.

DSC_0645.JPGwave_LRThis sunken boat bottom found waves from re-purposed rubber tires pulled from streams and rivers.  The Scuttled sculpture is located outside the DNR Headquarters building in St. Paul, Minnesota.  To find other trash artwork, follow this link for locations of recovered trash sculptures DNR.

The Adopt-a-River program encourages Minnesota volunteers to “adopt” a section of a lake, river, wetland, ditch or ravine to ensure its long-term health through annual cleanups.  To Get Involved! with volunteer cleanup, follow this DNR link  to the Department of Natural Resources.

To see more ideas on  “From Every Angle,” click this link to the Daily Post Photo Challenge,  take a photograph of a stationery object from three different angles.

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  1. One man’s trash is another man’s…art work. A beautiful way of cleaning up the environment, repurposing and leaving something beautiful for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

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