Fresh Water ~ Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge “share with us a photo that expresses something fresh.”

The calendar might say spring, but where I live we go on faith.  It’s Minnesota and March is the snowiest month.  Last week, after all the snow had melted with a temperature  near 70 degrees, it’s hard to appreciate more snow. 20150323snowcellphotoresize600This Monday morning with fresh snow on the deck.  Cell phone photo

I’d love to be posting photos of fresh flowers, fresh new grass sprouting, but they are buried under Mother Nature’s white blanket for now.  I was able to get out and enjoy the signs of spring sighting a rare pair of migrating Tundra swans.  One swan sleeping at the edges of melting lake ice, woke up stretching and flapping.  That was the first time I had ever seen them in person.  Huge! Gorgeous!

DSC_0279swanflap600watermkWhat I do know, is that I appreciate and I am grateful for the fresh water.  Currently, 88% of Minnesota is in moderate drought, so the added moisture is needed and welcome.  Tundra Swan or not, all living things depend on clean fresh water.

To learn more about drought conditions where you live check out the interactive maps and current conditions U.S. Drought and  Global Drought Information Systems.

Eco Tips: A glass bottled beverage, or your own non-plastic container/carrier filled with fresh water is easier on the environment and your body than plastic.  Even recyclable plastic contains BPA, which leaches synthetic hormones especially when heated.

If you are concerned, “Use glass, porcelain or stainless steel for hot food or liquids instead of plastic containers.”  ~   Read Mother Jones The Scary New Evidence on BPA free plastic.

Ten Ways to Keep Our Water Clean Globally 1) Recycle used items 2) Minimize chemical use 3) Dispose of hazardous materials correctly 4) Reduce water use 5) Keep run off minimal 6) Reuse water 7) Participate in clean up efforts 8) Keep wetlands intact 9) Advocate for clean water 10) Participate in community development ~ Melanie J. Martin

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  1. A beautiful picture. It took a while to work out it was ice. The written piece works well and reminds me not to take it for granted that everyone is on the same level of awareness in terms of our environment. You’ve inspired me to write some environmental posts!

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