Historic Walls

Weekly Photo Challenge  “Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.”

This weekend was unusually warm for March in Minnesota. The 60-70 degree temperature range was perfect for exploring photo opportunities for this week’s challenge.  I decided to go visit one of my favorite locations, Stillwater, Minnesota, to showcase a few reasons why I like to spend time there. Stillwater is a historic town originally founded for the lumber traffic on the St. Croix River that divides Minnesota and Wisconsin.

2015314DSC_0170Stcroixwalk600 Along the river runs a flood wall with a walkway for hiking and biking. Within blocks of the river there are many good restaurants located in old historic preservation buildings.

2013313DSC_0193grainerylight500cropThe Commander Grainery building, with old metal siding, has great texture and visual interest.  A building makeover added Tin Bins, a café on street level for coffee, cocktails, sandwiches and a bakery section.

The Freight House, a historic 1883 landmark building, is now a restaurant that has a large deck overlooking the river with dining both day and night .

freight house#2 600 re-sizeEvening Freight House Photo by Barry Bosold

2015313DSC_0189freighthouswatermkeside600The Freight House brick side view shows where by-gone horse carts delivered in the alley.

2015313DSC_0188Freighthouseback500The Freight House back stairs and stone wall are still preserved.

Stillwater is a popular drive from the Minneapolis St. Paul area for visitors who enjoy the used bookstores, antique shops, restaurants, historical sites and the scenic St. Croix River valley.  I could go on about the rich history in Stillwater, varied dining and fun activities that I enjoy, but for now it’s about the historic walls.  To find out more to explore and enjoy, see the Discover Stillwater site.

Eco Tip:  Historic preservation saves good construction materials from ending up in land fills, promotes sustainability, and when possible saves on the amount of new material needed for construction.  These old buildings with such interesting character and texture are visually unique and worth preserving.

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