Ingenious Solar Lantern

I have faith that humankind has the knowledge, technology and creativity to solve huge problems.  We just need the will.  One challenge worldwide is burning fossil fuels and the hazards it creates.  Another challenge is lack of electricity in undeveloped countries or in times of disaster anywhere.  . “Can solar energy — free, clean, and readily available — be a viable lighting solution?” ~ The Verge

Tipped off by a favorite technology news blog, RePosited, I took a look at an amazing  solar option.  I’m for green solutions, but I had to try this out before I wrote about it.  I am in love with this lamp!  The lantern blows up like a beach ball for use and deflates for packing to 1″ thick.

Luci 005trio600watermkThree of my favorite things, Marilyn, green tea, and the Luci lamp.

lucimorning 025resize600Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rule of Thirds

The LED bulbs inside the lamp softly light a 10 x 10 room for up to 8 hours with two brightness adjustments plus one for blinking (great signal).  During the day, the solar cell recharges in sunlight.  At night, the lamp can be carried or the handles top and bottom  used to hang up the lantern to free your hands for other tasks.

Emergency-5resize600Photo courtesy MPOWERD

What a clever, sustainable choice for an emergency disaster pack, survival kit, for camping, or anyone without electricity whatever the reason.

The Luci light was invented by MPOWERD, a small U.S. company, who challenged themselves to come up with a solar lantern under $15 to replace kerosene lanterns.  The engineers applied their creativity, skill and talent to design an ingenious problem solving solution.  Bravo MPOWERD!

“In West Africa, where three-quarters of the population lives without electricity, households spend as much as 20 percent of their budget on kerosene, a combustible fuel burned for lighting. Not only is kerosene expensive (the UN estimates the global population spends $23 billion each year on the stuff), it also poses serious risks: fires, burns, and pulmonary disease.” ~ The Verge

solar-justice-3resize600Photo courtesy MPOWERD

“This is Solar Justice in Action. As of February, 23rd, 2015

  • 822,885 human lives illuminated
  • 493,731 school-age children empowered to learn
  • $ 16,457,700 saved on energy-related expenses annually
  • 180,211,815 more productive hours gained per year
  • 52,664,640 kg of CO2 diverted from our atmosphere
  • 29,623,860 kWh generated from renewable energy source” ~ MPOWERD

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

The intent for my writing and photography is to spread the word to improve our environment. What passions do you have in your life?  I encourage you to apply your talents to spread your own light.

For your own use, find the Luci lamp at many camping and outdoor stores, or from the inventing company, MPOWERD.

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  1. When we went to Africa a few years ago we took plain old pathway solar lights (you can take the stake off) that were on sale at Costco. We set them outside during the day then had a little light to write with or find our way around at night. That was pretty good but this looks better.I am definitely going to try to get one. Thanks for the info.

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