You’re Not One in a Million ~ Express Yourself

Whenever I need to clear my head and get grounded, I go back to nature. Taking a walk in the park, I came across the creation of a young artist who was obviously enthusiastic about beginning a new path in life.  This was a 5 year old who had something to share.

153pathkindergarten600 Our creative talents make the world uniquely interesting in any form whether that is writing, speaking, artwork, photography, music, discovery, invention or design.  Like this new student,  take the challenge to express your individual perspective and share your vision with others.  It’s your chance to contribute however big or small.

The world needs all the talent and creative thinking we can get to make this a better place. According to the Gallup assessment, Strength Finders, the combination and order of your top five strengths are one in 33 million. You Are One in 33 Million!  Express Yourself!

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