Shadowed Winter~Spring Chickens

Winter is long in the Midwest with the sun low in the sky and long shadows everywhere.  This seems the perfect time to dream, learn and plan ahead for the warming months ahead.

My thoughts drift to new growth activities: flowers, vegetables, urban farming.  I love the idea that even if you only have a deck, or sidewalk you can still grow food.  Revealing to children the magic of growing life from seeds is a fun activity for adults and children alike.  It’s fresh, you know what produce is organic or not, and the food is close to home.  One premise of Urban Farming is that a local food source could be right in your own backyard or neighborhood.  This definitely is a benefit for those who live in an urban food desert, one square mile or more where local fresh food is scarce. If growing your own food is something you are considering,  Egg|Plant on-line and at the St. Paul, Minnesota store, has a variety of garden and urban farm resources, including baby chicks in the Spring.

© COPYRIGHT 2015, Eco Elements, LLC, Vicki Persons. All rights reserved.More and more cities are even allowing backyard chickens for fresh eggs.  Be sure to check your local city laws.  There are many resources for a successful food endeavor and a healthy happy flock.  One of my favorite is Fresh Eggs Daily, a charming blog and resource by “Lisa, a 5th generation chicken keeper dedicated to encouraging others to use tried-and-true old timer’s methods to raise healthier, happier flocks…naturally.” ~ Fresh Eggs Daily.  The winter months can give all of us cabin fever, including the chickens, so if raising happy egg laying hens is an interest read Lisa’s Winter Chicken boredom buster ideas.

For a resource magazine on-line or published try Urban Farm Magazine.  If want to learn urban gardening hands on or prefer to volunteer to help others grow food, go on-line to google “urban garden volunteer” or in the U.S. go to  Most major cities have opportunities or you can start your own urban farming project.

Shadowed Winter months can also present photography challenges.  Weekly Photo Challenge:  “Low-light photography can be difficult to get right, but sometimes the absence of light can make for a compelling, dramatic photograph. Experimenting with shadows can be a fun and rewarding way to push yourself to try something new with your camera and your surroundings…” ~The Daily Post Photo Challenge

© COPYRIGHT 2015, Eco Elements, LLC, Vicki Persons. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Shadowed Winter~Spring Chickens

  1. We kept chickens when I was younger. I have never lived anywhere that would allow them since adulthood. I loved bringing them table scraps and the warm sound of ‘the girls’ bedding down for the night. To my credit I have been slipping a few more herbs and vegetables into my perennial beds. Swiss Chard is a gorgeous plant…if I can keep the deer out.

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  2. That’s my dream, to have chickens and ‘grow’ my own eggs. 🙂 Madison WI has allowed residents to have backyard chickens, but so far Milwaukee hasn’t followed suit. Actually, bunnies might be a better choice for a city lot, but I haven’t heard of egg-bearing bunnies yet (other than Cadbury’s).

    I’ve read about sprouting whole green peas to bring a bit of homegrown spring back into my salads….shopping tonight for some hopefully….they have them up in Canada, but might be a little harder to find down here, split peas are plentiful, whole peas not so much. Love me some fresh peas, sprouts will do for now.

    Happy New Year, Vicki!

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