Gifts that Give Back

For your eco-gift shopping inspiration, I am sharing this fellow blogger post.

Friendly Fashionista

When it comes to being a friendly fashionista, the eco-friendly aspect of it is just one small part. When I’m researching sustainable products, it’s always cool when those companies help the local artisans who made them, or when they donate a portion of the proceeds to a related charity. Also, this stuff is just plain cool by itself and the whole “giving back” thing is really just an added bonus!

Click through to see some fab gift ideas that give back to those in need!

1. Angela Roi Essential Black Backpack $102 – each sale supports those fighting melanoma

2. Toms hoodie $48 – their “one for one” campaign helps one person for each purchase

3. Panda Monroe sunglasses $120 – your purchase can give vision to someone in need

4. Lush New Charity Pot lotion $25 – all proceeds of this lotion go to grassroots organizations that support…

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