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One of the joys of the internet and blogging is the connection to other voices that have like-minded or uniquely different viewpoints from your own thoughts and experience.  This gathering in the ether can be a way to learn, grow, support and connect to each other.

Migrating Coots
A natural connection ~ migrating water fowl, Coots,  resting and feeding together.

Be open, you might be surprised.  Searching and finding connections to your interests can allow you to see what you have not seen before or be reminded of what you have seen but appreciate in a new light.  You never know what might show up.

Hot air balloon
An unexpected hot air balloon drifted into view.       Location: Stillwater, MN, U.S.

In my environmental quest in the blogosphere, I find there is something for everybody who cares about this planet and it’s inhabitants.

Natural curiosity, no cat was harmed
Natural curiosity, no cat was harmed.

If your interest is peaked, you might want to check out these sites:

For those of you who are interested in fashion, take a look at Friendly Fashionista – eco-friendly, animal friendly, sustainable fashion, and news with ideas for your closet.

If you are looking to reuse, recycle, or gain ideas on everyday green living options, check out Upcycle Shed –  where life happens for the everyday throwaway.  Check out the sustainable holiday ideas.

Interacting can broaden our thinking and present the opportunity to discuss or debate as on this site, lovethytrees – environmental trends, discussion and news where you will find a well written blog by a California student keeping you up to date on current happenings.

And if you’d like some thoughtful inspiration please go to Source of Inspiration – All is One, co-creating with the creator.  A poet and writer, with over 8,500 followers, who has a Rumi poem on the side of her site that resonates for me.  “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate ask ‘Is it kind?” ~ Rumi

Lake Vadnais sunset
A cool fall sunset on the lakeshore 

I encourage you to launch your own quest for the topics that interest you. Explore, connect, interact, Be Inspired.


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