Resiliency ~ A Walk In The Park

There are times in life when one deals with stress.  In the current changing world, that can feel like hourly, weekly, or an ongoing crisis.  The challenge is adaptability.


Sometimes you feel like you are swimming upstream.

This week I heard a most inspiring talk by Steve Beseke, an amazing man with courage and encouraging words for dealing with adversity.  His advice, Change Your Mindset. 


Exercise your options.

I’ll share my walk in the park along with some tips on resilience for life from Steve (bold lettering).  A first step to take, exercise and make it a routine.

The Twin Cities has beautiful parks and walkways
The last St. Paul  impound reservoir for improved water quality.  Location: Lake Vadnais and Sucker Lake in Minnesota.

Don’t give up.  We are lucky to live in a beautiful country.  Our state has beautiful parks and walkways.  Getting out to a city park, like Lake Vadnais, or a state park can add interest to your exercise plan.

You never know what you will come across
You never know what will show up on your path

 Focus on your strengths.  There is something about getting yourself to a different time and place that brings things into perspective.  There is something meditative about the routine of movement that helps you focus.

Take in the colors, the scent, the breeze in the air
Take in the colors, the scent, the breeze in the air

Believe in yourself.  Stay in the moment.  See something new or something old.  Spotting this red pine tree took me right back to my childhood memories at the state parks where I was intrigued by how the bark looked like a jigsaw puzzle.

Red Pine bark
It’s fascinating how things fit together

Learn how to adapt.  Try something new.  Many state DNR departments have activities for a variety of experiences.  Check out the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the state parks calendar of events, including October Halloween events.  

All ages
All ages enjoy the stroll

Practice perseverance, persistence, and patience with yourself.  My normal plan for a 40 minute walk turned into two hours that day; the time flew by.  

Relax, Rejuvenate, add to your Resiliency
Rejuvenate, add to your resiliency. Be Active! Be Green!

Take care of yourself.  Work on being resilient a step at a time.  Take a walk in the park.

“Know what you do best. You can do anything you want, if you see value.” ~Steve Beseke

“We all can make a difference if we just understand who we are.” ~Burt Beseke, Steve’s Father, shared this wisdom with Steve before passing in 2002.

Steve Beseke is available for speaking engagements to groups and companies. He has developed a world wide following in these challenging times. Find his website, podcasts and postings at Resiliency First.

Environmental Tip: “Limit disruption and pollution of natural water flows by managing stormwater runoff.  Maintaining natural aquifer conditions is important to providing reliable water sources for future generations.” ~LEED Reference Guide



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  1. Thank you, I appreciate the comment. I would say the timing of the two events was lucky, as the walk photos came first and the resiliency talk was second. In my mind, they seemed to perfectly fit together. I have heard the quote “Nothing in nature is a coincidence” and for this post it seems to be true.


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