An Apple a Day

The temperatures outside are cooling down, the trees are at their peak in shades of beautiful fall colors.  It’s the perfect time to hike around on an apple orchard field trip. This is great apple growing country and we are lucky to have many orchards nearby to explore. My favorite orchard is Aamodt’s Apple Farm where my parents loved to go.

Aamondt's off Manning Ave. and Hwy 36
Aamodt’s on Manning Ave. near Stillwater, MN

Aamodt’s has incredible apple cider doughnuts that far exceed my state fair mini doughnut cravings.  Full size doughnuts with fluffy centers and a cinnamon sugar-coating make the doughnuts alone worth the road trip.

Thank you for your service
Veteran approved!  Thank you for your service

You will also find apple pie and more bakery goods, apple samples, plus excellent cold or hot apple cider.  In harvest season, weekends bring grilled apple brats and the best kettle corn ever (not too sweet and not too salty).

Fragrant apple scent floats in the orchard air

Pick your own apples or select from those already in the apple barn.  Apple selection varies weekly based on which varieties are ripening.  In the apple barn, you will find information that explains when each apple type is typically ready for harvest so that you can plan return trips. The Haralson, a tart apple available now, is my favorite for homemade pies.

The park like setting includes play sets, hay bale maze, and the kiddie express train all providing terrific photo opportunities.  

Goats to pet
Goats with a view at Aamodt’s
Enjoying the swing
A great family setting to enjoy the day

You can find the perfect spot to relax at picnic tables, tailgate benches, or bring your own blanket to picnic in the grass.  I am always on the hunt for great re-use and re-cycle examples and these pickup tailgate benches are both fun and functional.

DSC_0090International600DSC_0089fordbench600Relax on the deck for wine tasting at Saint Croix Vineyards, located next to the apple barn.  Check out the Aamodt’s event schedule for the upcoming fall activities.

St. Croix Vineyard deck
Saint Croix Vineyard wine tasting deck

Get outside, take advantage of beautiful fall weather and enjoy the great resources available.  It’s good for the soul.

Minnesota Grown
Minnesota Grown. Buy local.

Aamodt’s Apple Farm is a member of Minnesota Grown.  “The Minnesota Grown Program is a statewide partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Minnesota producers of specialty crops and livestock. It was created over 25 years ago by specialty crop growers to differentiate their produce from competitor’s produce from thousands of miles away.” ~Minnesota Grown

Tip: Regional … ” supporting the regional economy and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation.” ~USGBC LEED Reference Guide


12 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. I find the benches fun in their environmentally humorous way!
    I appreciate how much this place means to you.
    Reading: “My favorite orchard is Aamodt’s Apple Farm where my parents loved to go.” informs me that this orchard is part of your history and memories, a special place.
    Thank you for sharing this place with us. Sure makes me want an apple, and some cool crisp weather. Not something to be found on the west coast of Southern India!


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